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Wakeboarding with Lagoon Watersports

With three UK venues and one in Barcelona, Lagoon Watersports has been operating for over 20 years. Dedicated to helping customers become confident in the water through a range of really exhilarating activities including stand up paddleboarding, windsurfing and wakeboarding, their emphasis is on top-class training to safely guide both learners and more experienced watersports enthusiasts on their adrenaline-packed adventures. Deciding to stay on dry land for once, Polly Humphris sent her husband, Tom, off to try out some wakeboarding at Hove Lagoon.


Living near to Hove, and often seeing wakeboarders zinging their way along the cables at the lagoon, Tom and I have talked about doing a wakeboarding course with Lagoon Watersports before. They have a brilliant reputation and I’ve never failed to get a smile and a wave from one of the many instructors that work there on my frequent walks past their venue and up a few steps to the seafront.

Fortunately, this laid back and highly approachable attitude is evident as soon as you walk into their reception too. It can be intimidating trying a new sport, especially a sport that takes you off dry land, straps you into a pair of boots affixed to a board and then pulls you along a cable run hitting speeds of up to 20mph, but, the instructors at Lagoon Watersports immediately put you at ease.

While Tom got togged up and headed outside with British Water Ski and Wakeboard-qualified instructor, Ash, for a brief on-land demonstration of how to get up on the board, I had a chat with staff member, Tracy, about who goes wakeboarding and when. “We’ve got some kids who are quite nifty riders at only 8 years old and our oldest rider was in his 70s, so it’s a much more accessible sport than people think,” she told me. “We have disability groups that come along and we simply adjust the equipment to suit them; if you’re game, we’ll make it work, and we’ve never had to say no to anyone yet. People who visit Brighton and are looking for something different often do a one-off session, but most people get hooked and come back again and again. Our memberships are only £50 a month, which allows people to ride twice a day, every day that we’re open, and within that membership you can use the stand up paddleboards too.”


So it’s accessible and affordable, but is it easy? “It feels a little bit odd at first because you feel as though the board is slipping about from under you,” Tom told me after an hour on the water. “But, Ash is a great instructor and teaches you everything at a manageable pace. It’s all about bending your knees and relaxing into it, and it only took me about two tries up and down the cable to feel comfortable. I’d love to do it again already; it’s exciting and a really great adrenalin buzz when you put everything you’ve learned together and successfully ride the cable, but it’s a great workout too – I can really feel it in my arms and upper back.”

He’s not wrong. Wakeboarding is actually an all-body work out, which helps to tone your arms, stomach muscles, and chest, and also works your legs more than you would imagine it does. Wakeboarding is about enjoying yourself, getting wet and pushing your limits, so get involved in the action and give this popular, ever-growing sport a try over the summer; as well as being in the outdoors and on the water, which is something most of us love, you’ll have the opportunity to bask in the sun, catch a bit of a tan, and take in some precious vitamin D helping you feel energised and refreshed – if slightly exhausted!

Lagoon Watersports, Hove Lagoon, Kingsway, Hove BN3 4LX

01273 424842

t: @hovelagoon

f: /LagoonWatersports

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