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The Wisdom of Groundhog Day by Paul Hannam, West Sussex Resident


Groundhog Day is the story of a man, Phil Connors, who is forced to relive the same day over and over again. In so doing, he transforms his life, progressing from despair to happiness, from pessimism to optimism and from meaninglessness to fulfilment.

Now, in The Wisdom of Groundhog Day, Phil’s journey is distilled into a simple, structured blueprint, so that you can improve the quality of your life and be happier and more fulfilled – in just weeks, rather than the decades it took Phil.

Using the author’s original and engaging approach to personal growth, based on  research-based and proven techniques, you will discover practical ways to make the most of each precious moment, transform an ordinary day into a wonderful day and appreciate that you have everything you need to be happy now. This is a unique lesson in time management. Rather than just going through the motions, you will discover how to let go of the past, enjoy the present more and create a successful and positive future.

With celebrated composer and musical director Tim Minchin (Matilda) and his team bringing Groundhog Day to the West End in 2016 and Broadway in 2017 everyone will be talking about the themes and meaning behind this timeless movie.

‘If you are serious about achieving your full potential then read this book.’ Roger Black MBE, European, Commonwealth and World Championship gold medallist and Olympic silver medallist.

Paul Hannam has extensive experience as a writer, entrepreneur, academic, consultant and powerful motivational speaker. He has taught a wide range of courses on psychology and business and was an Adjunct Fellow at Oxford University, where he taught Organisational Behaviour and related programmes.

Today, Paul has developed a number of websites dedicated to improving people’s lives, including iPerform, a new online performance improvement programme, which he founded with Olympians Roger Black and Steve Backley.


  • Groundhog Day contains the single, most powerful idea … that you are able to transform your life day by day, and turn a miserable day into an amazing day.
  • No story better delivers the greatest lesson in life – that only you can make yourself happy and fulfilled.

As Phil learns, no one and nothing else is going to do that for you. Each scene contains clues, tools and practices that emphasise this critical point. Phil Connors discovers he has all the resources, and all the resourcefulness, he needs to survive and flourish. And while he has to relive the same day countless times to reach this realisation, you can get there in normal time.

  • Groundhog Day illustrates clearly the difference between squandering and valuing your time each day. You are offered a life-changing choice in every moment: to select the path of engaging or disengaging. And every second, every minute, every hour and every day of your life that you are not savouring is wasted time.
  • Your ability to renew and recreate yourself each day and even each second is the supreme human capacity. You can improve your life experience wherever you are, and whatever you are doing. You should always retain hope that you can make tomorrow better than today. As Phil discovers in Punxsutawney, you have everything you need today to make either the worst or the best day of your life. Phil creates both days with his own perspective, and reveals that this is your greatest treasure.


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