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The Sartorial Renaissance of the Gentleman’s Pocket Square

The pocket square, an iconic accessory to complete an outfit, often associated with tailoring, a luxury that has been mastered and enjoyed in Britain since the 1900s.

Geoff  Stocker the menswear accessory designer, known for his eclectic and elegant designs, showcases a twelve piece collection of meticulously measured, 100% satin silk pocket squares.  Geoff celebrates British craftsmanship by manufacturing all designs in England.

The blend of tonal blues in the ‘Saxon  Swirl’ and the clashing of the square and circular shapes creates an infatuating optical illusion.

Saxon Hoard Grenadine Lime In Pocket £36

With each unique pattern coming in three colourways, including raucous reds and bold blues but also softer shades to ensure the accessory will carefully compliment any outfit.

An adventurous variation of patterns is seen, from the mosaic medleys of the ‘Octagon Shimmer ’ to kaleidoscopic reflections of the ‘Nova’ which adds modernity.

The designs are digitally printed for unhindered accuracy.

Scots Pine scarlet Folded £95

Scots Pine scarlet Folded £95

In addition, there is a six-piece collection of lightweight silk scarves that are a true classification of modern rarity with designs that boast distinctiveness from the echoes of Celtic in the ‘Scots Pine’ to the calm diamond silhouette of the ‘Quiet Diamond’.

The art of the accessory which compliments the sartorial splendour is something Geoff Stocker translates through his collections.

Kubla Khan Blue In Pocket £36

Kubla Khan Blue In Pocket £36

The Grey Fox eight-piece collection sees the collaboration with the mature social media phenomenon. ‘Spotlighting ‘Grey Fox’ pet labrador ‘Harry’, to inject a playful element to a serious styling necessity.

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