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The Museum of Ordinary People launches Kickstarter campaign to chronicle the “magic and mundanity” of everyday life

The Museum of Ordinary People (MOOP) has launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund its vision for an exhibition space that tells people’s hidden stories using everyday objects.

A pop-up museum running for one week during the Brighton  Fringe Festival,  MOOP will present a collection of exhibitions created by and about ordinary people and a programme of events that includes performances, talks and walking tours.


Working with members of the public who have collections of everyday objects or documents they want to explore, MOOP will run a series of free workshops that allow participants to create an artistic response to their objects – culminating in a final exhibition from May 29th-June 4th.

These objects could be diaries, love letters and photographs, travel documents – relics from the past that represent ordinary people whose stories are waiting to be told.

The ultimate aim is to end up with a permanent space in Brighton – a museum that celebrates the power of objects to tell stories about their owners (in the same vein as the Museum of Broken Relationships in Zagreb and LA, and the Museum of Innocence in Istanbul).


“I think there’s a need for a space like that here in Brighton, and to write it into history,” says Lucy. “When you think of a museum, you think of an institution or a space which represents a very specific type of history and presents an idea of what should be recorded and save. But actually, does that represent us now and who we are?”

Jolie says: “People really appreciate things being more interactive, and people want to be involved. Real people and real lives are the silences in history, the blank spots.”

Kickstarter  link  and  campaign  video 


 Social  Media

Facebook: @museumofordinarypeople Instagram:  @museumordinary  Twitter:  @museumordinary


 Exhibition date and  location

 May 29th-June 4th

 Kickstarter  funding  goal


 Campaign  date

March 27-April 26th

 Cofounders:  Jolie  Booth and  Lucy  Malone

About Jolie Booth:

Jolie Booth is an artist, producer and theatre practitioner, and director of cutting-edge arts and production company Kriya Arts ( Her award-nominated sell-out walking tour “Hip Trip of Brighton” is an immersive journey through the streets of 1970s Brighton, exploring the true story of Brightonian Anne Clarke, whose diaries and letters Jolie discovered in a squat.

About Lucy Malone:

Lucy Malone is a Curator and Artist-Archivist with a BA in Psychosocial studies from Birkbeck College, London. When her mother passed away in 2011, Lucy discovered notebooks, envelopes and lists relating to her mum’s artistic practice. Lucy decided to create an archive of her mother’s practice, and to actually complete these works herself and present them. She called this exhibition My Late Mother’s Future Work.

“There were so many parallels between [Jolie and my] work, we were both using documents to tell a story, and we realised there was a personal connection.” – Lucy Malone

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