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The beepalace – a stylish ceramic that attracts nesting solitary bees

We know about honey bees but how many of us know how important solitary bees are? The Beepalace was created as something beautiful to hang in the garden but also as an environmental and educational tool.

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Declining bee populations have been in the news for some years now. Generally it is the honey bee that is given the most attention because everyone is familiar with honey.

The importance of solitary bees such as red mason and leafcutter as pollinators have been largely ignored in the past but they are now being given the recognition they deserve.

Research has demonstrated that it takes approximately 20,000 honey bees to pollinate one acre of apple orchard, but only 250 solitary bees are required to do the same amount of work.

One way to help solitary bees is to put a bee home in your garden.

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The beepalace is possibly the most stylish of bee homes available on the market.

Made entirely in England they are hand glazed ceramics made in Stoke on Trent and assembled in West Sussex.

Available in several colours including forest green, sage, blue, lime, ochre and coral they look very stylish on their own in a garden or in groups of complementary colours.

Simply hang your beepalace in your garden about 6 feet from the ground in a southerly direction (any direction but north!), and the bees will search it out as the cardboard nesting tubes represent the habitat they seek in nature (much of which has been lost through building works, hedge cutting etc).

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Solitary bees do not sting or swarm so they can nest in close proximity to your home.

Beepalaces cost £49.99 each plus postage and packaging and are available at www.beepalace.com.

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