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Sussex firm’s month-long giveaway to help customers get to sleep the write way

A family-run firm is staging a month-long giveaway to help its customers sleep soundly.

Sussex Beds, which has seven stores across the county, is giving away free notepads throughout March to help combat the ‘racing mind’ – which has been revealed as the single biggest factor that keeps the country awake.


Worrying about the future, stressing over things from the past and getting concerned about what we have to face the next day are among the top five persistent thoughts that keep our brains ticking over* at night.

But writing such thoughts down is known to help calm a worried mind and ease people off to sleep.

“The practice of writing your thoughts down is a cathartic exercise – it helps expel the concerns, worries and anxieties keeping you awake, clearing your mind so you can sleep soundly,” said Steve Pickering, Sussex Beds MD.

The giveaway is running throughout March to coincide with National Bed Month. Sussex Beds staff hope the notepads will help those customers who suffer from a racing mind – but also come in handy should they dream up the world’s next big innovation.

“The racing mind is a real problem that many people suffer from, but the physical act of sitting up, grabbing pen and paper and writing down such thoughts helps expel them,” Steve said.

“It’s also well documented that many of the world’s best ideas and discoveries were struck upon while the inventor was drifting off or fully asleep. Paul McCartney, for example, dreamt up the tune to Yesterday – one of the most successful songs of all time.

“Our notepads will also be sitting on bedside tables ready to take down people’s ideas and innovations.”

He added: “With it being National Bed month we thought such a giveaway was a nice gesture for our customers, helping them feel wonderful by getting a great night’s sleep.”

A free notepad will be given to customers who buy a new bed from any of Sussex Beds’ seven stores throughout March.

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