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Petra Mickalova, of Storrington, West Sussex, has worked in retail and fashion for many years and in 2016, decided to take the plunge and design her own selection of bags. “It has always been my dream to create a range of bags that pays homage to a true craft; we have achieved that with Adjustus V,” says Petra, designer and owner of this exciting new brand.


The stylish and contemporary range is made using a traditional weaving method known as handlooming, in southern India. Cotton yarn is carefully selected, before being hand-dyed and then air-dried, ready to be woven on the loom. While the western world may only recognise handloomed fabric in a handful of items such as curtains, tablecloths and tea towels, it is still a popular fabric in India as it is so hard-wearing. Petra explains:

“It can take a month to make just one roll of fabric – it’s a much more intensive process than making other types of fabric, but it is really worth it, not just for the way it looks but also for its strength and durability. Handloomed fabric is used to make school uniforms in India – and they are made to last!”

As a designer, Petra greatly admires the team in India who are responsible for bringing her creations to life. Her grandfather, Adjustus, was born in 1922 in the Czech Republic; a time when artists and designers sought to truly raise the status of a craft and produce truly high-quality items.

Petra continues: “I love that we are helping to keep this traditional and beautiful craft alive. The skill of handlooming is passed down from generation to generation; that feels very special to me.”

With a background in fashion, Petra has a keen eye for detail and style, evident in each of the Adjustus V bags, which range from wash bags to shopper bags, handbags and larger beach bags and weekend travel bags.


As is true for any credible designer, it is not only style, but the functionality of the product that has been agonised over: Petra has considered every detail, finishing touches such as leather-trim handles and classic lining give the bags a refined edge.

Incorporating male bags too, the range comprises 11 different styles, which have each been adorned with an Indian ‘royal’ name by the team in South India, with whom Petra shares a close bond. She says, “I love having such a close relationship with the guys in India, they know me and I know them. It makes for a really positive experience when creating something that you have dreamed of for so long.”

The Adjustus V bags can be bought online at

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