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Stunning The Punters

Wednesday 27 July 7.45pm, The Hawth Studio Crawley

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An out-of-work actor’s frustrations explode over breakfast, an ex-skinhead recalls an exuberant racist graffiti spree with a ghostly twist and a would-be suicide sees a lost paradise and returns with a timeless message of hope for our uncaring world. 

26 years ago, in the hopeful summer after the fall of the Berlin Wall and before Saddam burned the oil wells of Kuwait, audiences and critics in Brighton and  Edinburgh rushed to witness a young Brighton actor’s stunning solo debut… and now that show, a triple bill with an unashamed title, is returning!

Stunning the Punters is a breathtakingly arrogant name to give to a show; it is also entirely accurate!” The Independent

Stunning the Punters is a compelling piece of theatre: make haste to catch it!”

The Times

George Dillon is one of the most uncompromisingly compelling performers I have seen. He has the vocal precision of a Gielgud, the physical presence and skill of Marceau, and a heart, mind, and attack that are all his own.” The Guardian

Stunning the Punters (& Other Stories) is one man, George Dillon, on a bare stage giving a bravura high-energy performance of three tales of imagination run wild: Master of Café Society by Steven Berkoff, the title story by Glaswegian writer Robert Sproat and Dillon’s own adaptation of The Dream of a Ridiculous Man by Fyodor Dostoevsky.

Since 1990, George Dillon (now a veteran of sixteen Edinburgh Fringes) has given nearly one thousand solo performances in seven highly acclaimed shows, including Berkoff’s Graft – Tales of an Actor (for which he won a Herald ‘Angel’ award in 2000), The Gospel of Matthew and Dillon’s own play The Man Who Was Hamlet.

In interview and in his autobiography Free Association, Steven Berkoff has described George as:

The best example of someone to watch how to perform… I was most proud of my written work when I saw him.” Steven Berkoff

Tickets: £10 (Discounts: £7.50) can be purchased from The Hawth Box Office on 01293 553636 or by visiting


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