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Sarah Paget: Supporting People to Wellbeing Through the Arts

Sarah Paget is an integrative arts psychotherapist; she combines different therapeutic approaches, as well as arts, to support people in need. She sees clients in Brighton and picturesque Berwick, where she has a studio on a farm nestled at the bottom of the South Downs. Both settings are designed to provide safe spaces to support people wishing to bring about change in their lives. Main

“Living with feelings or thoughts that cause you emotional pain and not knowing what to do about it can debilitate people terribly,” says Sarah, who trained at the Institute of Arts in Therapy and Education in London. She now runs her own practice with a decade of expertise in supporting dozens of people with a wide range of difficulties. “I see my role as empowering people, so that they can lead fulfilling lives,” she says.

What Sarah is passionate about is witnessing how the arts can really bring about transformation for people. “I have seen so many people benefit from using the arts therapeutically and have watched their surprise at how powerful the experience of doing so is for them,” she explains. “Most people feel creatively inhibited because they believe they are not good enough. But, you don’t have to be an artist to work with me using the arts. Anyone can use them and I show them how. The arts can feel like magic when used therapeutically, because they quickly enable people to bypass the conscious processes we use that can keep us stuck in negative thinking, feeling and behavioural patterns. Instead they help us to access the unconscious part of ourselves that we all have, which can free us from these blocks.”

Sarah sees people individually and in groups, running regular taster sessions, retreat days and weekends. She will also open her studio for taster sessions over weekends during Lewes ArtWave, 20th August-4th September. For details ring 07714 218529, or visit

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