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Oct 18 – Nov 27, 2016

GRAZE ON GRAND, 16 Grand Parade, St Leonards, TN37 6DN


Karin Wach was born in Germany into a city extensively destroyed in the war.  Her work reflects this in its concern with loss, memory and transformation.  In 1994 she was anxious that the last working spice mill in the Pool of London near where she lived and worked would be closed and become luxury flats.  She obtained permission from P&O to photograph the mill.  While working in the mill, its closure was announced to the mill staff:  the mill was in its death throes, with spices seeping and spilling from sacks and bales over floors and machinery alike, transforming the Victorian warehouse into a place of extraordinary beauty which Karin captures in the completed images of The Mill Cycle.  Later, when the Bankside Power Station was threatened with possible demolition, Karin spent three months in the decommissioned building, photographing its interior.  A single work (Disconnected) from this cycle is in the show, as well as a work from her Thames project (Reflection).

The transformation of the snapshot into art happens through the way the photograph is repeated.  A beautiful image which extends and comments on the contents of the single photograph is created.  However this work defies category.


This exhibition, bringing together works from these major cycles created between 1994 and 2016, shows the sheer diversity of Karin’s medium: an ordinary photograph.

Karin came to England in 1960.  She obtained a BA Hons degree, First Class,  from London University and worked as a psychoanalytic psychotherapist in private practice while also running a studio in the Borough.  In 2013 she moved to Hastings which she has made her permanent home.  She was invited to take part in several shows in Hastings (by PhotoHastings at the Observer Building and Roger Hacker curating his Sequence of Change show at Hastings Arts Forum).  She was also selected for Art at the Bridge #7, a show at Tower Bridge, London which finished after 9 month at the end of September of this year.  Karin has widely exhibited.  Her work has had considerable acclaim.

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