Hastings women march through London in ‘Processions’

A group of women from Hastings took part in a march through London yesterday as part of a living artwork to mark 100 years since the first British women won the vote.

The group donned the colours of the suffragette movement – green, white and violet – as part of the mass procession and carried a banner bearing the words ‘Hastings Women Rock The Boat’ which had been made by the group during sessions at the Jerwood Gallery.

Hastings processions 2 r

The project was led by local artist Janey Moffat, who commented “We proudly and emotionally escorted our banner through the Processions mass artwork alongside thousands of kindred spirits and likeminded women holding aloft a multitude of beautiful banners, placards and pennants.  As we passed London’s landmarks including the Houses of Parliament and the new statue of Millicent Fawcett in Parliament Square, I was humbled and reminded of the strength, humour and unity that women everywhere display in the face of adversity.  From stitching to speech making, women have the tenacity and focus to ‘complete what the suffragettes started’ by demanding their place in an equal society.  This is a wave of determination that has not weakened through the generations that have succeeded the women’s suffrage movement and that will continue to gather steam through the ones to follow.  Women will have equality in the generations to come; I do not doubt it.

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