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Goodwood Aerodrome to offer new Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence

Goodwood Flying School has announced that it is now offering budding pilots the opportunity to attain the Light Aircraft Pilot’s Licence at Goodwood Aerodrome, in addition to its existing training courses.

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Allowing those who wish to fly purely for recreational purposes the opportunity to get off the ground, the new LAPL is a European Aviation Safety Agency-approved rating that has been developed to make leisure flying more accessible. With a minimum of 30 hours training required, the LAPL can comfortably be completed within a year.

The initial training for the LAPL is identical to that of the Private Pilot’s Licence – also offered by Goodwood’s Flying School – up until the first solo flight. Students will have to demonstrate suitable competency and achieve a high level of skill throughout to make them a competent pilot. The written exams are the same as those taken for the PPL, such as Air Law, Meteorology and Operational Procedures, but the medical requirements are not as demanding, with examinations conducted by the student’s own doctor.

Passing the LAPL will permit pilots to fly aircraft of up to 2,000kg with up to three passengers on non-commercial flights. Additional training is available at Goodwood Aerodrome for those who achieve their LAPL, such as upgrading to a PPL with a further 15 hours training, or a Night Rating to allow flights at night.

The cost of the 30-hour LAPL package is £6,660 and once granted, provides a lifetime licence to fly. To find out more information about the LAPL and other courses offered by the Goodwood Flying School, please call 01243 755066.


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