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Geoff Stocker The Country Creative

Geoff Stocker is a country creative. Having moved to Hastings in the last decade to provide himself with the ideal work-life balance.

Saxon Swirl Blue Red In Pocket £45

Saxon Swirl Blue Red In Pocket £45

Geoff is one half of a creative couple with his wife. Inspired by his surroundings, Geoff is the owner of his own design-focused brand, Geoff Stocker; a sartorial menswear accessory brand that’s produced some of the finest 100% silk offerings. With a 10 minute trip from his house to the coast, he frequently draws ideas from nature which are then translated into his elegant designs. Geoff Stocker has gained an international audience from his creations but he still adores his haven in Hastings which he believes is the perfect country retreat.

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