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Cosmetic Skin Care with Dr. Ayanna Knight

Like many of yours might, when I first heard the words ‘cosmetic skin care treatments’, my mind leapt to images of tight, frozen faces boasting overinflated lips. The celebrities of today, it seems, have given cosmetic treatments a bad rap by taking things too far, and one woman determined to change the way we view skin health is Dr. Ayanna Knight, a Brighton-based cosmetic skin care, health and wellbeing practitioner who invited me along to her lovely, light treatment room in Brighton to try a treatment for myself. 

Branching out from her existing role as a GP due to a keen interest in assessing patients from a holistic perspective, Ayanna’s delightful bedside manner is apparent from the minute you meet her. Invited along for a Deluxe Mesolift Facial Treatment, I had no idea what to expect and had been slightly nervous; the treatment combines a glycolic skin peel – a non-invasive treatment to combat fine lines that leaves the skin feeling soft, clean and revitalised, with a mesotherapy session – a treatment that delivers combinations of nutrients including vitamins, minerals and amino acids by micro-injections into the top layer of skin – a newbie to such treatments, I was naturally thrown by the words ‘skin peel’ and ‘injections’.


But, I was wrong to be. Spending at least 20 minutes chatting to me about my lifestyle, about my skin, and about how the image of Samantha from Sex and the City, face red raw from a botched chemical peel, is really not an accurate or fair representation of a skin peel at all, Ayanna then explained a bit more about what she does and why.

“Throughout my medical training and clinical experience as a GP, I have always had a keen interest in looking at the person as a whole and understanding how not only the physical, but psychological and social aspects of people’s lives impact on their health and wellbeing,” she told me. “Cosmetic skin care treatments are not all about ‘trout pouts’ and frozen facial expressions. I am an advocate of natural enhancement and, ultimately, the treatments I offer improve skin health, make people feel good, boost confidence and enhance wellbeing. I love meeting with my clients, exploring their health concerns and wishes, and formulating a treatment programme suited to their needs.”

My needs (or desires; I have an unsightly frown line that’s getting angrier by the day and my skin is prone to looking blotchy and lacklustre when I’m under stress) were to be addressed by the Deluxe Mesolift Facial Treatment and with that, stage one – the chemical skin peel – was underway.

Developed as an antidote to lines, pigmentation and scarring that can blemish the skin, medical skin peels exfoliate the top layer of skin to remove dead cells, unblock pores and remove impurities, the process of which stimulates new, healthy skin cells to come to the surface and encourages collagen production to give a firmer, brighter complexion. Applied delicately with a soft brush, I barely had time to register the slight tingle caused by the silky-smooth layer of liquid being applied to my face before it was time for it come off. I had imagined, at best, a stiffer, mask-like solution being applied to my face, and, at worst, a sensation of burning. I couldn’t have been further from accurate; it was an entirely comfortable, pain-free experience that was over within three minutes.

Next, the mesotherapy, a process that nourishes and rejuvenates the skin and helps to reduce sagging and restore anti-ageing properties to it (and also a popular treatment for cellulite and excess weight as it can be used on the face, neck, décolletage and body). Although reassured by Ayanna’s insistence that the micro-injections I was about to receive wouldn’t hurt, there’s just something about the word ‘injection’ that makes me instantly tense up. Thankfully, there was absolutely no need for me to – what should be focused on here is the word ‘micro’; the injections in question were barely pinpricks and actually felt very therapeutic. Especially when administered with a cold, soothing blend of vitamins and minerals that you can feel sinking into your skin and nourishing it as they do.



Within 45 minutes, my entire treatment was complete, I felt relaxed and excited at the prospect of a fresher complexion, and even my angry frown line seemed to have instantly chilled out a bit. If you’ve been scared off trying any anti-ageing or rejuvenative treatments for fears of burning skin, huge great needles coming at you, or a face that simply can’t express itself – fear ye not; not only is it a pain-free and relaxing experience, but Ayanna know exactly what she’s doing, and will be doing it for exactly the right reasons for you personally.

“Our clinic offers a range of different skin rejuvenation and wellbeing treatments, which I feel suit a diverse range of people – men and women – of different ages,” she added. “But what treatment is best suited to the patient’s skin issue depends upon that person. Skin health changes gradually over time, so it’s important to me as a practitioner that I recognise and understand how different aspects such as lifestyle, hormones and even the environment impact our skin. A patient in their 20s may come to us wanting to reduce hormonal acne breakouts, whereas a more mature client may want to smooth deeper lines and replace volume loss in the lips. Prior to formulating a treatment plan with any client, a full medical consultation and skin health assessment is carried out to assess the suitability for the treatment in order that we tailor a bespoke treatment plan to suit your individual needs.”

Dr Ayanna Knight – Cosmetic Skin Care, Health & Wellbeing

Holistic Health Clinic

53 Beaconsfield Rd



07947 910380

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