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Hertz adds three new routes to USA Road Trip Planner:

Canyons of Arizona and Nevada, California Surfing and Totally Texas


Route 66 has been named as the most Instagram-worthy road trip in the world, according to Brits. The study, commissioned by Hertz in the UK, polled 2,000 adults to identify the latest trends in road trip holidays and found the top three routes were made up of US-based trips. These include the Grand Canyon and the Pacific Coast Highway, with 56 percent of respondents naming the U.S. as the road trip capital of the world.

The research also identified key ingredients for a successful road trip, which include wide-open roads, driving past famous attractions and spotting wildlife along the way.  Discovering views and taking in the scenery is the main purpose for adults over 38 years old (over 38s) going on a road trip, while millennials want to enjoy a new experience.

Following the research, Hertz has launched three new routes to its USA Road Trip Planner: Canyons of Arizona and Nevada, California Surfing and Totally Texas, providing inspiration for routes to experience iconic and off-the-beaten track scenic drives and pit-stops. A free online resource, the Hertz Road Trip Planner also features the legendary Route 66, along with 30 other bespoke routes across the USA.

Temerity Vinson, Senior Director International Marketing, Hertz said: “The survey results clearly show how much adventurers love the USA for a road trip. The influence of social media has had a huge impact on destinations of choice, bringing increased awareness of less well-known areas, as well as ensuring that gems such as the Route 66 are still as popular as ever.

“Hertz is always dedicated to finding new ways to help our customers plan their dream trip. Our USA Road Trip Planner can help our customers experience a different culture, discover new cuisines or visit famous landmarks.”

Of millennials, more than two thirds admitted the places they see on Instagram affect their choice of location, compared to only 13 percent of over 38s.  In fact, 30 percent of millennials said they are unlikely to visit somewhere if they’ve never seen photos of it on Instagram. Hashtags and location tags have become a new way to research the next travel destination and four in 10 millennials use the platform to discover new points of interest and places to visit.

The survey, conducted via OnePoll in December 2018, found an average of 12 photos a day are taken on a holiday or a trip. Fifty-seven percent of respondents said they are most likely to take a photo of a landscape or cityscape while on a trip. But double the number of millennials compared to the over 38s are likely to take a photo of their food.

It seems that photographs make memories, with 36 percent of millennials saying that they would struggle to remember their trip if they didn’t post a photo of it, compared to 19 percent of over 38s of the same opinion.  Furthermore, one in 10 respondents admitted to visiting somewhere purely because they want to share it on Instagram.

When it comes to planning, it takes an average of six months to arrange an adventure of a lifetime. Twenty percent of respondents would like to combine creating their own route with a structured drive.

For road trip inspiration, travellers are welcome to check out and the new @HertzRoadTrip Instagram channel. Hertz is also inviting road trippers to share their road trip experiences by tagging @HertzUK (Facebook & Twitter)

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