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Artist Profile: David Scott Moore

Sussex’s glorious landscape has been an inspiration for hundreds of artists throughout history and today our county still holds a special magic for many. We spoke to Sussex-based artist, David Scott Moore, about his art and where he finds his inspiration.

Sussex Artist 1 credit Manel Ortega

How would you describe your art? What is it that you do?

I am a full-time painter of landscapes in oil who paints both ‘en plein air’ (outside) and in the studio. Some of my paintings remain as they were first painted live, some are later enhanced – going through stages of destruction and recreation – and some serve as drivers for new larger transformations back in the studio. Limited edition reproductions of the paintings are printed too. I particularly like panoramas.

What is your background?

I am an art graduate based at the Brighton Phoenix Arts Studios who has painted and sculpted for 16 years. In the past, I have sculpted on the large works of the world-class sculptors, Anish Kapoor and Anselm Kiefer. Since 2012, I have solely painted, but the sculpture work has helped me to develop a variety of subtle textures on a painting’s surfaces, and how to create a sense of space and form within a painting.  

Of all your paintings, do you have a favourite?  

I like Sussex Downs Sunset XXVII because of its space, sense of distance, deep tones and colour mood.

Sussex Artist South Downs Sunset XXVII_oil on panel 80cm (1)

What is the most difficult piece you’ve ever undertaken?

Every new painting is a challenge in a different way and I tend to work on four or five at once. At certain times during the middle stages of painting a body of work it can be challenging. But, then they improve somehow with further thought, feeling, perseverance and experimentation.

What inspires you?

I am inspired by the drama of painting outside in the changeable conditions of British landscapes, for example the quick decisions needed to tackle transitory cloudscapes with their sheer light effects, and how these illuminate the glacially sculpted horizons and contours of the South Downs. I have also painted ‘en plein air’ at the New Forest, St. Leonards Forest, Horsham,  and abroad in Avignon and Arles in the South of France – some of Van Gogh’s favoured locations to paint – and this year there will be a ‘tour’ to Tuscany, Italy too.

Artistically, I am inspired by Caspar Friedrich, Gustave Klimt, Edvard Munch, Rembrandt, Turner, the Impressionists, Expressionism, and modern contemporaries such as Daniel Enkoaua, as well as from the pigment drawings by the sculptor, Anish Kapoor.  

What has been your proudest artistic achievement to date?

The last nine months have gone well with London prize shows and sales on Saatchi Art. I have had paintings in the 2016 Lynn Painter-Stainers show and the 2016 Discerning Eye Exhibition in London as well as been pre-selected for the Royal Society of British Artists Open Exhibition. Saatchi Art chief curator, Rebecca Wilson, featured me in ‘Saatchi Art New Artists’ last year and this year and I am due to be Saatchi Art’s ‘Artist of the Day’. It felt good to donate work to the ‘Big Heart Auction’ at the Brighton Dome last year.

Sussex Artist Sussex Downs Sunset_Crimson I

Where can we see your work?

One of my paintings is in the Lynn Painter Stainers National Prize Exhibition, which started at the Mall Galleries, London, earlier this year and is presently on show at the Guildford House Gallery from 25th June to 17th July. The Cameron Contemporary Art Gallery, Hove, are scheduled to show my work, possibly in their summer show this July. There is also the Cotswold Gallery who is looking for selections later on in the year. I will be having an ‘Open View’ this September at my studio: 3N3, Phoenix Art Brighton, 10-14 Waterloo Place, Brighton, BN2 9NB.

What does the future hold?

More painting at new locations across the South Downs, England and Tuscany; a residency in Ireland or Scotland; new group and solo exhibitions submissions; and further discoveries with colour, composition and light.

Twitter @mooreartstudio

Facebook /davidmoorebtn

Instagram /davidscottmoorestudio

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