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An Enemy of the People By Henrik Ibsen

An Enemy of the People

By Henrik Ibsen

In a version by Christopher Hampton

22 April – 21 May

Chichester Festival Theatre

Main Image Enemy of the People

Brilliant Dr Stockmann, Chief Medical Officer of the Baths, has made a shocking scientific discovery about the standards of sanitation at the popular local spa. Luckily technology has a ready solution: the polluted baths must close immediately, so cleansing and rebuilding work can be carried out. But not everyone sees things quite so simply. What about the impact of closure on tourism, property and commerce? What about the town’s wider image and reputation?

Dr Stockmann’s brother, the Mayor, has one drastic response. The local tradespeople and property owners have another. Now it is up to the liberal press. Dare they print the facts Dr Stockmann has uncovered, and let the public make up their own minds?

Ibsen’s thrilling play is astoundingly contemporary in its examination of power, influence, and corruption, and the ever-relevant theme of whistle-blowing.

Hugh Bonneville makes a welcome return to the stage to play Dr Stockmann. His many acclaimed television and film appearances include Downton Abbey, Twenty Twelve, W1A and Paddington.

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