A Few Ideas About Having Fun in Brighton in June


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Being on the verge of spring and summer, the month of June has the advantage of combining the best of both worlds. Temperatures are high, but the real heat waves are yet to come. It’s the best opportunity to go outside and enjoy this time of year. East Sussex’s own seaside resort Brighton and Hove might just constitute the perfect localisation for such activities.

Anyone unfamiliar with what’s going on here on a regular basis can rest assured that they won’t at all feel bored should they come to visit Brighton. With such unique characteristics, especially corresponding with the quirky and vintage themes, living in Brighton is cool and interesting. Here are a few fun ideas about what to do in the city.

Spending a lot of time outside usually means dining out, which is something everyone generally looks forward to doing. This is truer even for major centres of tourism where visiting tourists want to try local specialities and interesting dishes. For that reason, Sussex offers food and drinks that stand out from the crowd. Any of the local restaurants, bars, pubs and other places pretty much guarantee you’ll find something suitable to your taste buds. On top of that, a variety of award-winning breweries and vineyards will help enrich the experience. And there are plenty of more organized events happening in the neighbourhood as well. Among the most anticipated is Vegan Summer Festival Brighton, June 2nd and 3rd, which is touted as the biggest event in the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, the famous Kemptown Carnival, which was supposed to begin around the same time, has been postponed until 2019.

To work up an appetite or burn calories after a heavy meal, participate in some physical activity. The World Cup is coming up and there will be plenty of spots to admire the championships like Walkabout, but you don’t have to limit yourself to just watching others. Adrenaline seekers will find their rush at the iDrop Abseil event on June 2nd when hanging from the British Airways i360 pod from 450ft. and hovering above Brighton Beach. Then there’s the Bowls 4Fun Days series, initiated in May, that will conclude in June, and an exciting cycling challenge on June 7th. The race departs from American Express Community Stadium and over Brussels, finds its destination in the German city of Cologne about two days later. Participating in activities such as 5K and 10K cancer research runs held at Stanmer Park on the last day of the month can also increase some charitable awareness.

Naturally, there are more interesting opportunities to spend some time in the area in June and over the whole summer. They are quite diverse and cover various aspects of life so that everyone could find something enjoyable. To mention a few:

  • New Love – Alternative Approach to Dating event at Presuming Ed Coffeehouse.
  • Brighton Veteran Car Run will gather automobile enthusiasts and their unique vehicles.
  • Live LEGO Building will present an opportunity for everyone to play with their favourite toy bricks and promote mindfulness in the process.
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