2nd Degree black belt at 10 years old!

Lathan Goodman and Koby Craig have trained in Chinese Kickboxing with Zheng Dao Lo Martial Arts Academy Westgate Leisure centre Chichester for seven years. They are best friends and fighting partners, and have completed their biggest achievement yet.

On the 5th December 2016 they passed their 2nd degree black belt and, to make the achievement even more remarkable, they are both only 10 years old.

To pass the 2nd degree black belt the pair had to complete 100 press ups, 100 squat thrust burpees, 100 crunches,
100 star jumps, 100 squats followed by 1400 kicks and 420 punches.

Not only that, but they then had to fight six one-minute rounds. To finish off the boys had to break two tiles.

This is not an easy task for anyone, and Lathan and Koby poured their hearts into the chalange. There was blood, sweat and tears, but they still pushed themselves through it to complete the tasks at hand.

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Their instructor, Ed Craig, gave them the opportunity to start training from three years old . They have trained under many instructors within Zheng Dao Lo over the years giving them the knowledge and help they have needed to get them where they are today.

We believe they are the youngest in the south of England to receive such a high grade. The lads have now reached the highest grade possible as juniors and will be awarded their adult black belt when they turn 16 as long as they keep up with the training.

They have fought in many tournaments within the academy having a collection of trophies and medals.

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