What to Expect When Buzz Bingo comes to Brighton

There are many great activities to indulge in Brighton and the surrounding area, even with the summer of fun and sun having passed. Some of the main attractions require a bit of travel, such as going to the award-winning Goodwood golf course over in Chichester, but there’s about to be grand new entertainment for the people of Brighton.

Just up Eastern Road from Brighton College, Buzz Bingo will soon be taking up residence in Brighton, right where Gala Bingo used to be. Full disclosure, they are the same company – Gala rebranded to Buzz – but it’s this rebranding which makes the new opening even more exciting.

The company is currently advertising roles for the soon-to-be-rebranded hall, with hugely ambitious sights set for the new-look bingo provider.

Big Buzz Bingo rebranding

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Gala Leisure is the United Kingdom’s largest bingo chain so, when they announced a huge £40 million rebranding overhaul to become Buzz Bingo, expectations were high. According to The Telegraph, Gala Leisure has brought in veteran John Kelly as the non-executive chairman to help steer them through rebranding 124 locations and move towards having a greater online presence.

While being able to serve more of their customers online will be important, so is their customer base at their bingo halls around the country. The group want to bring back the ‘buzz’ of playing live bingo in the hall while also attracting new audiences, per Eastern Anglian Daily Times. Due to an increase in social media activity surrounding bingo, a more exciting and youthful vibe is being infused into the old Gala Bingo halls under the new brand of Buzz Bingo.

With £40 million invested in the rebranding, it’s clear that the group is going all out to maximise the impact of the remastered halls under the new banner. Buzz Bingo is putting on in-hall promotions to get the punters in, such as the Bingo & Drink for £10 as well as online promotions so that customers can play anywhere they want. But, the main focus is on bringing the buzz back to the bingo halls and to make them an enjoyable and exciting venue that everyone wants to visit with their friends.

Popularity of bingo soaring

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The big rebranding leap to becoming Buzz Bingo is so that the halls will be more appealing to an emerging demographic of bingo fans. Recent research figures indicate that young people have begun to spend less time on the likes of Facebook and Twitter in pursuit of shared experiences with their friends. Also, through social media research, it was found that bingo-related hashtags have surged on Instagram, so Buzz Bingo hopes to appeal to these new young fans of the game.

But, it’s not just among younger people and social media that bingo has risen in popularity. In 2016, The Mirror relayed findings from WhichBingo that show that if bingo were a sport, it would have more participants in the UK than tennis, placing as the sixth most popular sport in the country.

Bingo is booming around the UK, and Buzz Bingo is coming to Brighton to deliver a revamped and exciting bingo experience for novice and experienced fans of the game.

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