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Tips on modernising your bedroom decor

Whilst our bedrooms should always be the cosiest part of any home, that’s no reason to let them look outdated. And thankfully there are plenty of great contemporary looks that can bring your bedroom into the 21st century with the minimum of fuss.

Whilst doing a bedroom makeover once used to mean having to import plenty of overly frilly designs, nowadays it’s all about stripping things back for the sleekest and most stylish look.

So here’s a look at some of the simplest and most striking ways that you can modernise your bedroom decor in 2017.


The Scandinavian interior trend is showing no sign of going away anytime soon. This clean and fresh look can be implemented into the bedroom with ease as its essential ingredients are stark white walls, plenty of fun and funky geometric prints, and just a few candles dotted around for the ultimate ‘hygge’ effect.

What really makes the Scandinavian interior trend work is that it embraces both a start minimalism, with plenty of warming touches to balance it out. With the generous use of warm wooden tones, and even just a few brightly coloured house plants, it shows that modernism doesn’t necessarily have to be cold and austere.

Geometric prints are going to be everywhere in 2017. Whether it’s embracing bold minimalist stripes, or even some fun ‘ethnic’ themed designs, it’s a look that’s a refreshing antidote to the shabby-chic aesthetic that’s been around our interiors for way too long.

There’s a wide range of geometric prints to choose from of course. From classic pop-art designs that embrace circles and stripes, to some unusual styles that use global patterns like kilim to striking effect, there’s plenty of fun to be had in using geometric prints in everything from a bedspread to a wall hanging.


In terms of our bedroom furniture choices, the mid-century modern look is going to be big news throughout the year with chic pendant lighting and other unusual designs helping to bring our bedrooms into the present.

Thankfully there are some things that are evergreen. And whether it’s using plenty of natural light through the clever use of mirrors, or even just upgrading your bed to modern standards with a pocket spring mattress from Bedstar, there’s no part of the bedroom that can’t be given an extra bit of attention.


But if you’re looking to really modernise your bedroom, then it’s clear that the brutalist interior trend is the one to take. With the industrial charms of exposed brick, worn wood, and those stylish filament bulbs, it can quickly transform even the most chintzy of bedrooms into a luxurious Manhattan-style apartment.

What seems to mark out a modern bedroom is a careful approach to colour. Obviously keeping things stripped back to a bold black and white colour scheme is a simple way to achieve the modern look. But this can be made all the more powerful through the bold use of a single colour such as one of this season’s big colours – greenery, dusky blue or sunlight yellow.

And finally, one big feature of any modern bedroom is the careful implementation of technology. So that whether it’s the inclusion of a sleek Amazon Echo multimedia player, or even a cool mid-century modern alarm clock, it shows that it’s not just a good pocket spring mattress that can grant us an effortlessly stylish modern bedroom!


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