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The Healthiest And Most Delicious Cheeses To Add To Your Snack Board

Whether you are wanting to slim down or bulk up, your diet is a great place to begin to reach your fitness goals. Couple a brilliant diet with a quality supplement and you are bound to achieve the results that you are after. You can check out Authority Health for insightful information on diets, supplements, and other health news. The knowledge goes a long way but any diet that calls for you to cut out the cheese has got to be crazy, right? After all, cheese is one of the tastiest and easiest snacks to prepare for your game nights and dinner parties. That said, cheese has been argued to present some unhealthy qualities. Calories are the main culprit. Many cheese varieties contain high fat and calorie contents and this can hinder your fitness progress. However, cheese enthusiasts around Sussex can rejoice in the fact that not all cheese is created equal. Some cheese is simply healthier than others. So don’t give your local artisanal cheese store a skip on your next shopping trip. Just grab any of these fine, healthy cheeses and you can enjoy their delectable taste without worrying about your weight.

1. Goat Cheese

Creamy in texture and full of flavor, goats cheese is a must-have substitute for fatty bread spreads. Goats cheese contains a mere 75 calories per ounce, making it ideal for those hoping to shed a few pounds. The flavor and consistency depend on the manufacturer’s milk-bearing goats and the methods in which the cheese is aged. Typically, this delightful cheese has what is described as a “goaty flavor”. While this is not much to go by, the flavor is so distinct that it is difficult to liken it to any other cheese. That said, you will find that most goat cheese presents a tangy taste; similar to yogurt. The cheese is packed with protein so be sure to grab some before your next pec day.

2. Parmesan


While the Italians did not perfect this cheese for its nutritional value, the health benefits of picking parmesan cannot be ignored. This hard, granular cheese makes for a delightful and healthy topping for pasta, soup, and other Italian dishes. Parmesan is one of the healthiest cheeses on the market, containing a mere 22 calories per tablespoon. The cheese is also rich in umami flavor. While not typically eaten on a snack board, try creating your own parmesan crackers to wow your buddies. These exciting little features will blow your dinner party away and are an exceptionally healthy alternative to regular crackers.

3. Mozzarella

Skip the cheddar, grab some mozzarella. While mozzarella’s flavor is not as prominent as cheddar, it can be purchased at a similar price and is a much healthier option. Mozzarella can be added aplenty to cheesy lasagna dishes or sliced onto some crackers with a dash of basil. Mozzarella contains only 70 calories per ounce, which is exceptionally low for a cheese. As an added health benefit, this cheese is rich in calcium which is imperative for the development of strong, healthy bones. Whole milk mozzarella is only a few calories more and can be a great alternative for those that feel as though the mozzarella in the fridge is too “light.”

4. Neufchatel

Looking for a cream cheese alternative to spread on your sandwiches or serve on a cracker with sweet chili? Grab some Neufchatel cheese! You will often find Neufchatel next to the cream cheese in the store. This is because, while they vary in nutritional content, their taste and texture are almost identical. Both of these brilliant cheeses are dense, milky, and tangy. Both make for an amazing spread. But, Neufchatel contains approximately 10% less milk fat than its unhealthier counterpart. The reduction of fat content does nearly nothing to hinder the flavor. In fact, Neufchatel is argued to be even tastier (but, we will let you be the judge of that).

5. Camembert


Made in a similar fashion, but containing 10 fewer calories, Camembert is a healthy alternative to the much-loved Brie. Camembert contains roughly 85 calories per ounce, making it ideal for those wanting to get rid of excess calories from their diet. This should feature as a staple on your snack board as Camembert is a great entry-level cheese for the unacquainted palate (please excuse the pompous cheese connoisseur attitude).

Who said cheese had to stop you from achieving your fitness goals? By substituting your staple cheese options with these healthy alternatives, you can continue to enjoy delightful snack boards without worrying too much about your weight. You will find many amazing artisanal cheese stores in Sussex to source the best quality products. So, be sure to stop off at one of them on your way back home!

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