Sussex canine team ‘paws for thought’ after enlightening educational trip to India

A team of Sussex based canine health experts have returned “enlightened” from a nine-day educational trip to India.

Julia Robertson, founder of Bolney based Galen Myotherapy – a pioneering unique hands-on muscle remedy used to treat dogs with arthritis and underlying pain – planned and led the visit, taking her ‘hands on’ practice to Bangalore to assist the vast number of street and pet dogs currently living in India.

India Conference

Julia, accompanied by her Therapy Centre Manager Lucie Armstrong, Hannah Capon – Vet and Myotherapist and Cushla Lamen – Senior Tutor and Myotherapist undertook the following during the course of the trip:

  • Conducted a study of 40 street dogs, measuring posture, and noting their behaviour in a ‘natural’ environment. These results will later be compared with that of dogs living in a domestic environment.
  • Provided 20 one-to-one treatments for dogs with owners.
  • Hosted two days of workshops teaching the techniques of Galen Myotherapy for pet owners to give them a better understanding of their dog’s anatomy.
  • Delivered a very well received Seminar to the Vets of Bangalore, prompting further enquiries from them for our training
  • Held a seminar entitled ‘The dog is as strong as its weakest part’ which was attended by around 150 people including behaviourists, vets, students, dog owners, street dog feeders and dog rescuers.
  • Delivered practical training sessions for diploma student Sindhoor Pangal who is set to qualify as a Galen Myotherapist in September.
  • Gave hands-on treatment to a purpose-bred laboratory testing beagle (known as Free-gles) who had only known a small cage for the first seven years of his life.
Julia with Alexander the basset hound

Julia with Alexander the basset hound

Julia, who has a background in farming and veterinary nursing, said: “The trip was incredible. India has a large population of Community Dogs, and people are using their own money to feed and help these animals who act as an important role within the community in helping to clear up and guard their surrounding area.  Even vets offer special discounts if they know a street dog needs assistance.  ‘The wonderful aspect of my extensive travel is wherever I go I meet people who love dogs and love their own dogs as much as we do here.’

“The interest expressed in our work was phenomenal.  We are already planning to do it again next year to continue to help street dogs, and educate veterinary practitioners and pet owners.” (1)
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