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La Touche Beauty Focus: Wellbeing – Be A Better You in 2017

Are you thinking about what changes you might like to make in the coming year? I don’t mean resolutions, because if you’re anything like me, you can’t stick to them for more than a week! (Don’t feel bad about it though as research shows only eight per cent of people actually end up keeping them…) What I mean is, changes to improve your overall wellbeing. Here are some basic ideas, why not keep it realistic and give one a try.



Touchell recommends setting short term goals.

  1. Have healthy relationships and spend more time with folks that matter. This definitely improves wellbeing
  2. Meet new people. Engage with people of all ages and backgrounds.
  3. Try to be more active. A brisk walk will aid wellbeing, clear your mind and refresh your soul.
  4. Like yourself and learn to be happy with your life. Keep smiling!
  5. Eat sensibly. Do not forget to nourish your body.
  6. Get more quality sleep. This will benefit your waking hours.
  7. Reduce stress. This has positive effects on your skin as well as general life.
  8. Watch less TV and read more – learn facts you didn’t know, or dive into a novel.
  9. Pick up useful skills or a fun hobby. We are never too old to learn something new.
  10. Reinvent yourself and get a new ‘look’. Why not book a VIP Jane Iredale makeup session at La Touche?
  11. Spend less hours on social media. Call a friend, or write them a short note to see how they are.
  12. Stop procrastinating – stick to healthy habits you’ve developed. Every small positive change is a step in a healthy direction.
  13. Finally, book a treatment at La Touche Beauty. Choose from facials, massage, manicure, reflexology and much more. Go on, you deserve it!



Social spotlight: La Touche Beauty’s Runway Event


Hosted by La Touche Beauty, the Runway Event was held on 12th November 2016. The main purpose of the event, besides of course all guests having a wonderful time, was to raise much needed funds for three very worthwhile charities: Great Ormond Street Hospital (GOSH), Delete Blood Cancer UK (DKMS) and mental health charity, Mind. Each charity has a close connection with members of the La Touche Beauty team.

The evening commenced at 7pm and was narrated by guest speaker, Raj B, and by Touchell, owner of La Touche Beauty. Guests were welcomed and were asked to dig as deep into their pockets as they possibly could in order to support the worthy charities.

The runway display followed shortly after, complete with red carpet and depicting make-up looks throughout the decades starting in the 1920s and running right the way up to the present day. Each member of the team at La Touche Beauty took to the runway in high spirits, made up in timely dress and makeup for their decade, and it certainly appeared a good time was had by all.

Following this, proceedings continued with a fantastic raffle offering some amazing prizes, and the entertainment culminated in a superb auction, which proffered some fantastic prizes and experiences up for grabs; everyone taking part enjoyed both the barter and the banter!

Delicious food was served by Rebecca Cook, The Garden Chef, and a most efficient bar service was supplied by the team from the Lindfield Club.

La Touche Beauty Owner, Touchell, closed the evening by presenting some well-deserved awards to her team and expressed her gratitude and thanks for their loyal and hardworking dedication to the company.

The evening concluded with music and dancing supplied by Clive Sadler. A wonderful, fun evening was enjoyed by all and a fantastic amount of money was raised for the chosen charities – overall, a staggering £1800 was raised on the night.

Touchell and the team at La Touche Beauty would like to extend a huge thank you to everyone for their very valued support.

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