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An exhibition from critically acclaimed artist Paul Kenton will be launching at a Brighton gallery this November.

Glowing Empire

Glowing Empire

Castle Fine Art, based on Brighton’s Nile Street, will feature a range of his new works, alongside signed limited editions and rare pieces from previous collections from Saturday 19th November – Sunday 4th December.

Paul has become renowned for his striking cityscapes which are inspired by fast-paced city-living around the world. The architectural explosion of fluid lines found in his paintings are drizzled energetically onto the canvas and contrasted with blocks of blurred colour that brilliantly capture the lights dancing off a watery surface – be it a wet Parisian boulevard, a London pavement or the River Thames.

Indeed, Kenton expertly captures the movement in a city and sees his paintings as a “short film clip” rather than a “photographic still”.

Kenton, who remains one of Washington Green Fine Art’s top selling artists nearly a decade after joining the company, said:

“My cityscapes reflect the many moods of manmade landscapes; I find it exhilarating to express furious movement, artificial lights and the vibrancy of a busy city centre at night as well as the subtler moods of a misty dawn at the same venue.

“I don’t sketch anything out; instead I simply dive in feet first with huge brushes dipped into large pots of paint and drip on an outline before throwing the paint on. I love the freedom and am so pleased with the effects of this technique. I build up each layer with broad brushstrokes and drip colour to create form until I can sense the atmosphere I want.”

Lights of Fire

Lights of Fire

Valerie Kaye, Gallery Manager for Brighton’s Castle Fine Art – Washington Green’s nationwide network of retail art galleries – said:

“Paul captures the essence and personality of the world’s most iconic cities, painting them as you’ve never seen them before.

“His unique loose style of painting, using drips and bold brush strokes, epitomises the fluid movement of the arteries of the city.  He carefully portrays the hustle and bustle moving around these big cities and you can almost close your eyes and hear the commotion around you, the smell, the inane chattering of people passing you by.”

The exhibition of Paul Kenton’s work will take place at Castle Fine Art, Brighton, 2 Nile Pavilions, BN1 1HW from Saturday 19th November – Sunday 4th December.

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