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How to Enhance Guest Safety in Your Hotel

The security and safety of your guests is a priority. Every hotel owner wants to create the best possible environment for guests, but that is becoming increasingly challenging. As the security onus moves more to the digital, many hotel owners are neglecting physical security and safety. If your guests are not safe from crime then you may even be liable for any crimes that have been committed on your property. If you want the safest and most secure accommodation possible, then here are the best ways to create a hotel that is as protected as possible from crimes against your guests.

Boost Your Security

You need to make sure that your staff are aware of the infrastructure requirements of your hotel. Spare keys should not be given out without the correct forms of ID, and access to rooms should not be possible without the right paperwork in place. Hold regular staff training sessions on how to spot suspicious activities and behavior.


Replace locks and keys

Every hotel owner knows that keys can easily go missing. Whether it’s a guest who has lost their key while sightseeing or a worker who has misplaced a key card, it’s imperative that you replace those locks as soon as possible. Modern key cards can be formatted with every new guest, and this may be a cost-effective solution to replacing all of those lost keys. Some hotels are even experimenting with apps that turn your guest’s smartphone into a rooms key.

Appearance Matters

No matter what level of service you provide in your hotel, it’s always a good idea to invest in staff uniforms. This will allow your guests to easily identify legitimate members of staff, and has the added effect of making those guests feel more secure. Staff uniforms are essential for a number of reasons, but security is the top reason for the adoption of them.

Guest Engagement

One of your most valuable security resources is your guests themselves. They will often be the first to notice if there are any security issues like broken window locks or suspicious strangers being where they shouldn’t. Don’t wait until you get a negative online review. Establish a rapport with your guests, and you may find out more about your premises than you think.


Security systems

Modern high-tech security systems can boost your security and safety by a huge amount. Get a digital alarm system that is connected to CCTV and to the local authorities. Look at the range of security solutions offered by Eurolink Security for the ultimate in hotel security. You can even have cameras directly linked to your personal devices so that you can check on your hotel even when you’re not physically in the building.

Trade Credentials

Most hotel owners have a contact list of local tradespeople that they can call on in emergencies. Having quick access to plumbers and electricians can save you a lot of time and money. Make sure that your staff knows who can be let in. Ensure that tradespeople are able to show credentials, even if you personally know them. You will not always be there to authorize room entry, and having the right credentials can ensure that criminals will not be able to pose as plumbers in order to gain access to guest’s belongings.

Security in your hotel is not something that you can dismiss. Your guests will have a more comfortable stay if they trust the space and can really relax. Make sure that your security is at high levels at all times, and your hotel will gain a positive reputation as a result.

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