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Diabetes Story Inspires Company Portafina to Raise Awareness for the Disease

Over 2.2 million people in the UK are suffering from diabetes, therefore a Kent-based pension company are set on making a difference to the lives of those living with the disease by raising awareness.

The daughter of the managing director, Jamie Smith Thompson is affected by type 1 diabetes, which initiated Jamie’s passion for the cause and is one of the main reasons for Portafina’s work. Jamie has full understanding of the difficulties faced as a result of the illness and is now set on influencing others to join their campaign.

There are two types of diabetes – type 1 and type 2. Over 85% of those with diabetes are within the type 2 category, while just 15% are type 1. If you are unfamiliar with the latter, the rarer type 1 diabetes occurs when the body prevents insulin being produced in the pancreas. At the current time, it is an incurable disease, but treatments and preventions are currently in the process of being discovered by specialists.

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Jamie, the managing director of Portafina, is set on bringing awareness to the wider audience by managing events to raise funds and hopefully speed up the process of finding treatments. He recently collaborated with the world’s leading charity for type 1 diabetes, ‘JDRF’ who have a sole focus of detecting a cure in the not-so-distant future. The charity also has the aim of inspiring businesses to work hand-in-hand on projects as part of their own diabetes awareness campaign.

In light of Jamie’s association with the charity, he encouraged his employees to take part in his funding projects. Staff members of Portafina got involved in an event named ‘Ride to Cure Diabetes’ earlier on in 2018 in which they raised over £1000. They are still set on raising funds in the near future and donations are still being made. The company would ask those who are keen to support the cause would kindly donate as little or as large as they would like. A JustGiving page was set up by Portafina to be shared across social media channels, so that more individuals are made aware of the company’s efforts in a bid to raise any extra funds.

There is also the opportunity to keep up to date with Portafina’s news by following their social media channels, which include the likes of Facebook. Posts are regularly shared across all platforms as a way of publicising more about the campaign and any future funding events. The prospect of supporting Portafina’s campaign is open to anyone and would be ideal for those looking to make a huge difference in their own communities.

If you hope to find out more, it would be worth having a browse through these online platforms to gain insight as to how you can participate in Portafina’s awareness campaign. By jumping aboard, you have the chance to inspire others and raise significant amounts of cash for the worthy cause. Do your bit to help Portafina beat diabetes!

Check out Portafina’s additional social media channels that can provide all the information you need:

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