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Design Tips For Small Houses

Not all houses are designed to the same floorplan – some are much bigger and some are much smaller than others. This means that a generalised way of creating a beautiful interior is just not going to work – you need to look at your own specific property and use that as the basis for your inspiration. What works in a seven bedroom mansion probably isn’t going to do as well in a one bedroom flat, for example. Here are some ideas for making the most of a small house when it comes to design and practicality.


Storage will be at a premium in a smaller house, so you need to create as much of it as possible. You really don’t want to take up any more floor space than you need to, so everything must be planned carefully. Multifunctional furniture can work really well in this kind of situation; you are going to need the furniture anyway, so why not let it double up as storage?


The staircase is something that can take up a lot of space, no matter how large or small the house actually is. If you want to save space, you can switch your standard stairs for a spiral staircase, as the space one of these takes up is a lot less. If this won’t work for you for whatever reason, you could consider an external staircase instead. You will do away with the need for a staircase inside your home at all, and simply use one on the outside. This will mean that you’ll need to think about additional security measures, of course, but it will be worth it both in terms of design and functionality. If this is something that you like the idea of, Fontanot stairs designers are the people to speak to. They can even provide a modular staircase kit if that suits better.

Use The Garden

If you have outside space, why not use this within your design ideas to make your small home feel bigger? You can install a conservatory, for example, and use the space that way. Alternatively, you can make it feel as though the garden and the house are one space by installing big sliding doors, or creating as much light as possible.

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