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25 Feb 2016

Saddle up: how to get honed and toned on horseback

It’s March now, which probably means one of two things. Either, in January you decided that 2016 was the year for you to get fit and joined a gym, which you’re possibly

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25 Feb 2016

Is technology the secret behind beautiful skin?

Unless you’ve had your head under a beauty rock the past few years (or you’re Cindy ‘age-defying’ Crawford), you must have noticed the steady march that technology has made into the beauty

24 Feb 2016

Can you DECHOX during March for a healthier heart?

Ahh, chocolate. In all of its meltingly-soft, sweet forms. There’s no denying that it’s delicious, and we’re as sorry as anyone to have to burst its oh-so-soothing bubble, but its downfall lies

29 Dec 2015

Weight Loss for Good

Christmas is, perhaps, the one time of the year when we can really let go and enjoy ourselves without feeling (too) guilty about what we’re eating or drinking. That’s why so many

29 Dec 2015

Wellbeing for Busy Schedules with Jessie Pavelka

How often do we use the excuse of lack of time for our lack of exercise? Shorter days and dark evenings tend to accentuate this dilemma and weeks can go by before

15 Dec 2015

The ultimate Christmas gift for kids: Islabike

Before a few weeks ago, I thought a kids’ bike was just that… a kids’ bike. But I’ve since learned – thanks to my daughter and her new Cnoc 16 – that

29 Oct 2015

De-Stress Yourself

We are stressed more than ever. Balancing work, social and home lives is making 54% of Brits increasingly anxious and stressed*. Chronic stress causes sleeping troubles, poor diet choices, low mood and health problems. We can’t eliminate

19 Oct 2015

Acorn Warning for Dog Owners

Heath Veterinary Clinic in Burgess Hill and Hurstpierpoint is warning dog owners of the dangers of acorns. The veterinary clinic has recently had a case of a dog becoming very ill from