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Always on Trend: How to Style a Minimalist Dining Room

A place where you can enjoy food, spend time with family and catch up with old friends, the dining room is the ideal space in our home for socialising and entertaining. That being said, dining room trends have changed a lot in recent years, with large tables and extravagant décor going out of fashion in favour of more modern and minimalist styles.

Functional and sleek yet elegant, minimalist rooms look clean and chic, for an interior that will outlive any seasonal trend. Want to know how to achieve this look yourself? Read on to learn how to style a minimalist yet sophisticated dining room.

The Dining Table

The most important feature of any dining space, the table sets the tone for the rest of the room. For a minimalist space, this means selecting a dining table that is modern and simple yet timeless. To do this, avoid the latest trends.


For example, brightly coloured chairs and industrial styles are currently popular, but these could quickly date. Instead, a simple table and solid oak seating are understated and set the tone for a minimalist aesthetic. Additionally, consider hanging a low ceiling pendant over the table to create a fuss-free feature.

Lots of Textures

It can be easy to visualise a minimalist space as being cold, dull and lifeless. However, when done well, decorating in this way allows you to make a room feel cosy, without all the clutter.

As such, when styling your dining room, include a variety of textures. These will add a rich and luxurious feel to the décor, elevating neutral palettes. This could include a large faux fur rug, cotton curtains, or velvet seat cushions.

Neutral Colour Palettes

While you need not paint the entire space white, for a minimalist dining room, think neutral and warm. For example, taupe, grey or golden-toned creams can work well, creating a chic yet simple base for a calm and fresh interior.

Alternatively, if you do wish to add some colour, you could paint just one wall – this makes it easier to update – or inject a new shade with curtains, a light shade and a table runner.


Key High-Quality Pieces

Through years of reading interior design articles and watching decorating shows, you may have learnt that accessories are key in bringing a room together. However, when designing a minimalist dining room, focus on quality rather than quantity.

To deliver a clean look, aim to reduce the number of pieces within the space. Think carefully before purchasing and only invest in high-quality, timeless items, both in terms of furniture and accessories.

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