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3 Ways Becoming Your Own Boss Can Improve Your Life

Being their own boss is the dream of many, and for a good reason, because taking control of your working career improves your life. It improves feelings of self-worth, it improves the work-life balance and it teaches vital lessons that are crucial to living a happy, healthy life.

To find out how becoming a boss could improve your life, make sure to read on.

Not having to deal with bosses improves self-worth

Everybody has that one boss from their past that they truly did not like. You know the one, the one that you hid from every time you heard their instantly-recognisable footsteps coming down the office corridor. You disliked the way they treated you and your co-workers, you disliked that they had the authority to tell you what to do, and you disliked the fact that they got paid copious amounts for doing so. But you couldn’t put any voice to your dislike, because doing so would have got your fired.


Fortunately, when you’re your own boss, you don’t have to deal with any higher management. You don’t have to deal with anybody mistreating you, overworking you, telling you what to do, and you don’t have to hold your tongue. When you’re your own boss, you’re the boss. You’re the boss, and the only people you have to deal with are clients, contractors and employees, and they’re much easier to deal with.

Most importantly, not having to deal with bosses will improve your self-worth. Without having somebody shouting orders over your shoulder or demeaning you in front of customers, you will begin to feel a lot better about yourself. 

Becoming a boss improves the work-life balance

As an employee, you’d drown in deadlines and you’d spend long hours at work. You’d find it hard to balance your work and family responsibilities as a result. What’s more, you’d be stuck with this lack of balance without having any real benefits aside from your monthly paycheck.

As a boss, however, this balance would be very much tipped in your favour. You’d have the flexibility to decide when you work, as you’d have the option to choose what work is taken on and who does it. What’s more, you’d have the choice where you work, too. If you wanted to stay at home for the day and work from there, you could. If you wanted to head to a coworking office space near to your home, such as those provided by, then you could! The decision is in your hands as to when, how and where you work, meaning you would be in complete control of your crucial work-life balance.

As a boss, you learn important life skills

When you’re your own boss and making your money is solely in your hands, you learn a lot. You learn just how important it is to manage your time, and then how to manage it. You learn the importance of staying on the ball with all the tasks you juggle, and how to handle each one specifically. And, if you have any employees or contractors working for you, you learn the importance of being a leader, and then how to lead as a result.


The ability to lead is a skill everybody can benefit from, and having it definitely improves lives. As a boss, you’d have teachings in the art of leading every day. You’d learn how to handle certain people depending on the type of personality they have and the way they work. You’d learn how to make the tough decisions needed to keep the general consensus happy. You’d also learn how to be the person everybody turns to for help and guidance.

The skills you learn as a boss can be easily translated into your everyday life, improving it immensely as a result.

Being a boss brings with it a life that many aspire to live. However, don’t just aspire to this life, go and live it. Go and live it by becoming the boss you always dreamed of becoming!

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