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3 Skills to Boost Your Employability

Even if your resume is seemingly nigh on perfect in regards to qualifications or even experiences, you still need a number of skills in your professional repertoire if you want to ensure that you remain employable. Why? Because employers are looking for people that they can trust to do the work they ask of them efficiently. The vital skills asked for, especially those that can be demonstrated, prove this far more than anything written down on a CV can. Make sure you set some time aside to either learn or improve a number of the different employability-boosting skills found below. 


Business Awareness 

Whether you want to forge a career in business or not, you should be seeking to improve your business and commercial awareness. Employers are now prioritising applicants that can do more than just their jobs; they are looking for team members that have the know-how to actively make them a profit. By becoming adept in the skill of profit turning, you make yourself stand out from the crowd because you would carry a certain degree of business-related trust and knowledge with you. Therefore, you need to get as much experience as you can in a business environment, even if that means interning in a firm’s office for a set period. 


By becoming bilingual, you set yourself up to be incredibly employable going forward in your career. The number of businesses who are now expanding globally is ever-increasing, and they are looking for employees who can fit into this international mindset as a result. By learning Mandarin at, you would stand yourself a good chance of getting employed at top firms because, today, many big businesses are seeking to forge connections with those that are trading in China. They are going to need a translator, and you could meet that demand. 



No matter the job, level, or industry, employers want their employees to be punctual at all times. If you truly want to boost your chances of getting employed, you need to become well versed in the arts of time management and time-keeping. To prove your ability to be at work on time, every time, you should set out a number of prompts on your CV. It means doing more than stating you have a reputation for being on time; you need to prove how you earned your reputation specifically, as well as referring to instances of when and how you went out of your way to ensure you arrived to work either on time or even early. 

Regardless of what your end goal in your career is, if you want to reach it, you have to make yourself seem employable, from the start of your journey in the world of work. If you don’t, nobody is going to give you the entry-level position that you need to get your foot in the door of your chosen industry. It’s time to get learning and improving the employability-boosting skills found above, and go get yourself employed in your dream role. (1)
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