3 reasons to live in Sussex

When someone thinks about moving, one of the first questions that comes to mind is: where? The countryside or the city, the centre or the outskirts, the beach or the mountains? These are difficult decisions to make and it’ s important to think about all the possibilities. Fortunately, one place that has enough of these things is Sussex.

Properties in Sussex are always a good idea. Many people would like to live by the sea or in the country, Sussex has it all. In addition, it offers a chance to get in touch with nature. The South Downs are a mountain range of chalk hills stretching over 670 square kilometres. It is recognised as one of the most important chalk landscapes in England. It’s a rather unpopulated area compared to the coastal areas of Brighton and Hove, but it has a rich history, with archaeological remains especially from the Roman period. It has 37 scientific sites of interest, including large areas of chalk grassland. It was declared National Park in 2011.


Another reason to move to Sussex is Brighton. This small town is very touristy and its beach is fantastic, it’s worth to take a walk along its promenade. Also, walking through the city you can see North Laine, an alternative neighborhood that will take you back in time. Other basic places to visit are the Brighton Dome, considered the cultural centre of the city, the Brighton Museum & Art Gallery, and above all the Royal Pavilion, the most representative building of the whole city, inspired by the Taj Mahal architecture.

Another reason to live there is West Sussex. There you can find Trundle, an Iron Age fort near Goodwood. There the views are incredible and you can see from Chichester to the English Channel. It is also possible to visit the Harting Down nature reserve. In addition, it has a rich culture and the atmosphere is extraordinary.

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